The Hope Project


Open Door church  is proud to support  the hope project

This program is designed to provide individuals and groups a way to serve people who are living in extreme poverty while demonstrating that God loves them and has made a way for them to experience. 

    Jesus Film Project


Open Door Church is proud to support The Jesus Film Project.

The Jesus Project wants everyone, everywhere to encounter Jesus. They believe that film is the most dynamic way to hear and see the greatest story ever lived -- so they are driven to bring Christ-centered videos to the ends of the earth.

 Saint Mark Village Palm Harbor


Open Door Church has a Worship Service on the first Wedensday of every month at 3:00 PM

    Open Door Travel
Open Door Travel Is a ministry Of Open Door Church
The Mission Statement is from Mark 16:15
“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to all people
     Sermon Videos

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